Ze Art Vorld ist a funny joke unt it iz fabulous!

Zo, I zaw another article and I left mein liddle comment. Here ist ze link to ze article. http://glasstire.com/2013/10/30/rachel-hecker-group-show-at-art-league-houston/

Vow! Zis looks so interesting! You zaid: “But really, the show is pure Hecker: witty, creative and beautifully crafted. The works are like random snapshots from the artist’s mind. There are goofy art jokes like the giant 5 foot 5 inch thumb, Finger Statue (2013), in front of a painting with a navy gingham pattern titled Hermann Grid Variation (2009), a riff on the optical illusion of the Hermann grid. ” Zat zoundz great! I love ze jokes! Zer izt nozing funnier zen a zculpture! People zhould really look at art az a joke! Ze art is unt joke unt it is fabulous! Ve shoot put ze Jeff Foxworthy in ze gallery unt he could tell us ze jokes unt make us all laugh unt it would be ze art joke unt it would be very gut! Maybe I could open for him? No von can tell a joke like I can!

I like zos specimen boxez too! “And Hecker’s fragments are more overlookable that most. But when I read the works list, and I saw that they were made of polymer ” Zat really ist unt funny joke! You know, I made ze zame joke viz zome lampshadez once. People zot to zemzelfz “vow, zat lampshade really looks like skin from a cow but I was vas playing ze art joke on zem! I hear zat ze are vorz a lot of reichsmarks now.

More of Mein Artvork

You know, I hate to repeat meinself but I know zat you are probably zinking all kinds of nasty zings about me because of ze var unt ze dead peoplez unt all of zat so I am going to repost vat I posted earlier on glazztire so zat you know zat I am not zo bat!


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